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    Passion and Love

    It is not possible to tell the story of the company without introducing the Martini family that first harboured the dream that led to this great oenological adventure, then turned it into a reality through courage and hard work, and finally allowed it to fly high thanks to its great strength and ambitions. Three generations of Martini connected by a tireless passion for wine are the engine that has driven today’s success. Secondo, the founder, alongside the great Laura; Gianni the president today, and the company’s soul since the 70s; and Eleonora that has brought young and enthusiastic energy into her work dedicated to renewing the company’s image and its relation with the land. Three visions and three different approaches that share the love for winemaking and great success.

    Secondo and Laura Martini

    It was 1947 when the unstoppable Secondo, supported by his beloved Laura, a strong, honest and wise woman, decided to found Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa together with his brother Luigi to make available all that the Langhe lands offered generously to its citizens. Secondo then works with deep and tireless dedication, and is soon successful. Laura supports and encourages him, and Fratelli Martini soon becomes part of the family, a young creature to nurture and grow with love and dedication.

    gianni martini

    Gianni, the current president, comes into Secondo and Laura’s life - stealing center stage in the attentions given to the company, especially by his mother - and he grows up immersed in Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi spa ever day of his life. His father bequeaths him with the love for wines and skill for the job, and in the 1970s he finds himself leading the company through its most important times: the expansion into foreign markets. Gianni intuitively grasps the opportunity presented by a global market and begins to travel, opening new markets first across Europe and then across the ocean. This global expansion has not stopped to this day.

    eleonora martini

    Young Eleonora is the first woman in the company’s top management. Her childhood and adolescence had the magical world of wines as their background, a world that cast its seductive spell on her, making her fall in love with it. Her entry into the company was both natural and enthusiastic, and Eleonora readily accepted the sweet challenge of this new adventure. Following an experience in Milan’s fashion world where she mastered style concepts and the allure of the Made in Italy brand envied the world over, Eleonora was ready to work her personal touch into the company. She know is responsible for Fratelli Martini’s image, CantiVineyards and the family’s farmsteads, which she manages with a fresh and effective approach.


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