Sant’Orsola Aperitime: Elegance on the Maio Terrace

During the Sant’Orsola Aperitime event on Thursday, March 21st, a special broadcast aired on the Like program on LA7, at 12:50 PM on Saturday, March 30th, on the picturesque terrace of Maio Restaurant in Piazza Duomo, Milan.

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Casa Sant’Orsola @ Amazon Black Friday Fun House

Sant’Orsola invites you to toast with its bubbles at the Amazon Black Friday Fun House from November 21st to 26th at Via de Cristoforis 1 (Corso Como area) in Milan. During the Black Friday week, Amazon announces the opening to the public of the Amazon Black Friday Fun House experiential space, a popup where visitors will be guided to discover Black Friday deals and gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, in a funky and retro atmosphere typical of the ’80s and ’90s, full of games and fun. #Amazonfunhouse #Amazonblackfriday















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Grand Gala on Thursday, June 8th at Casa Sant’Orsola

Great success at the Casa Sant’Orsola Grand Gala on Thursday, June 8th, at the stunning Magnificat of Casa Sant’Orsola, where the new Althaia line was presented.

The event was hosted by Giorgia Palmas with the participation of all the sales forces of Casa Sant’Orsola, political figures, celebrities, and influencers such as Valeria Marini, Elisabetta Gregoraci, Filippo Magnini, and many others. #Althaia

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GRP coverage of the 25th edition of the Moscato Festival by Fratelli Martini SpA

On Friday, August 9th, the 25th edition of the Moscato Festival took place in the picturesque Magnificant wine cellar of Fratelli Martini SpA, attended by 800 participants from the areas of Barolo, Gavi, and the Moscato production area.

During the customary conference, in addition to the hosts Gianni Martini and his daughter Eleonora, the third generation of the family, attendees included Mayor Mauro Noè of Cossano Belbo, President Alberto Cirio, Consortium Director Giorgio Bosticco, Agriculture Assessor Marco Protopapa, Senator Giorgio Maria Bergesio, and UIV President Paolo Castelletti. Various topics related to the situation of Moscato d’Asti and Asti Secco DOCG, as well as the international situation of the prestigious wine, were discussed.

Following the conference, a convivial dinner was held at the Magnificant Restaurant within the company.

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In collaboration with the Consortium of Asti DOCG, from July 1st to September 18th, at Alassio Summer Town in the city of #Alassio, you can taste and toast to summer with Sant’Orsola #Asti Secco master C27.

Every day from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM on the beach at all beaches, and from 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM at the Asti Secco Point inside the Town Village in Piazza della Libertà.
Information about the program is available at: VisitAlassio.

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ELEM sponsor of Papeete Beach

This year too, ELEM is a sponsor of Papeete Beach and Villa Papete.

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ELEM Official Partner of Chezz Gerdi in Formentera.

ELEM is the official partner of Chezz Gerdi Formentera. We look forward to welcoming you throughout the season to relax and enjoy ELEM ICE and ELEM Valdobbiadene products, along with an exclusive gadget.

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Are you ready for the most glamorous and exclusive parties of the summer!? Sant’Orsola Sparkling Gun Party, the new way to celebrate!

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Casa Sant’Orsola Magnum Sabrage Party: the new way to party. Join the Sant’Orsola Magnum Sabrage Parties throughout Italy, where you can celebrate by sabering a Magnum of Prosecco Master C27 or Millesimato C27 with your friends.

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24th Edition of the Moscato Festival

During the week preceding the beginning of the grape harvest, tradition dictates the celebration of the Moscato Festival, which this year marked its 24th edition at Cossano Belbo, at the headquarters of Fratelli Martini SPA.
The event, named after the most widespread grape variety in the region, celebrates the company in its liveliest form, with attendees coming not only from the Moscato production area but also from the areas of Barolo and Gavi.
The story began in 1947 when Fratelli Martini was founded by Secondo Martini. Today, it is led by Gianni and his daughter Eleonora Martini, who strongly believe in producing quality wine from their Langhe territory, now a UNESCO heritage site, where the bonds between people remain strong.
These bonds, especially those with the grape growers, whose diligent work, rooted in tradition yet open to the future, are highly valued by the company, represent a precious asset.
Friday, August 3rd, was a significant day for the families of the 1,200 grape growers who passionately cultivate grapes for Gianni and Eleonora’s company throughout the lower Piedmont region.
As every year, Fratelli Martini SPA opened its doors to celebrate the big family that contributed to the company achieving two important milestones: recognition by Drink International as the 30th best brand globally for the CANTI label among the top 50 brands worldwide, and significant growth in Italy with the Sant’Orsola brand. This remarkable performance confirms the effectiveness of strategic choices, innovation, and dedicated attention to the production of quality wines.
When it comes to quality, one cannot overlook the Asti Secco DOCG, on which Fratelli Martini has placed particular emphasis, increasing investments and obtaining good results.
The latest addition, “ELEM,” the group’s premium brand, confirms Eleonora Martini’s established presence. On August 3rd, she, along with her father Gianni, will have the pleasure of celebrating the successes of the past year with the grape growers, authorities, and institutions, as well as toasting to the upcoming harvest.
The celebration, held as customary at the enchanting “Magnificat,” Fratelli Martini’s wine temple, will conclude with the traditional dinner.
An event of excellence shared with many other excellences.


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